How To Disable Hands-Free Activation On Galaxy Phones

disable hands-free activation on Galaxy phones

Hands-free is a pre-installed app that usually appears on Samsung Galaxy phones, especially the phones come from Sprint carrier. This mode sometimes helps us a lot in answering calls and do other actions, but it sometimes make us feel annoyed. As hands-free activation is a stock app from the carrier, so you are not able to uninstall it normally as what you do with third-party apps. If you are looking for a solution to remove Hands-free activation on your Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, then this post will help you do that.


As ‘activate hands-free mode” issue usually comes from Sprint Galaxy phones, so this method is mainly created for them. We tested it on our Sprint Galaxy Note 5 but the tool still works with other devices.


  • Your Galaxy phone must come from Sprint carrier
  • Keep up your phone battery at least 50%
  • Back up all data of your phone to avoid unwanted issues

Let’s start disabling Hands-free activation from Galaxy devices.

Disable Hands-Free Activation On Sprint Galaxy S7

  • First, download and install Samsung USB driver on your computer
  • Next, download DebloaterLink) software and install it on your phone
  • On your phone, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number 7 times until you see a message “you are now a developer”
  • Next, return to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging Option
  • Now, open Debloater app and connect your phone to the computer
  • Select Read Device Packages and browse to the SprintDM.apk  line. This is the app that notifies to activate hands-free mode.

  • Click on Apply and wait for the tool to notify: Finished applying application changes to devices

  • Finally, simply reboot your phone and check whether the hands-free activation requires activation.

Furthermore, with Debloater, you can also remove a few apps from Sprint carriers such as Activation.apk, ID.apk, SprintAndroidExtension.apk, SprintSyncMLSvc.apk, Vowifi.apk, Wificalling.apk, MobileInstaller.apk, ANTPlusPlugins.apk, ANDRadioService.apk, and others.

That’s how to disable hands-free activation on your Samsung Galaxy S7. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.