How To Unlock iPhone Free With Clean IMEI For Some Carriers


This post today will collect all information about unlocking iPhone for free from some carriers. If your iPhone has already been cleaned IMEI, then read this post to unlock the SIM card carrier for free.

Unlock AT&T iPhone With Clean IMEI For Free

If you bought your iPhone from AT&T carrier and your iPhone’s IMEI is clean, here is how you can unlock your phone for free

  1. Make sure your iPhone is from AT&T by visiting here:
  2. Now, check if your IMEI is clean or not from ( or
  3. Go to, click on the box of “I have read and agree to the eligibility requirements to unlock my device” and Continue.
  4. You will be taken to a page. Choose Customer type–> Non-AT&T Mobility Customer and fill in the related information, then select Submit
  5. Once the submit is successful, AT&T will send you an email with the content:

Your unlock request number is: 2xxx2042918

Please confirm your request here within the next 24 hours, or it will be canceled.

If we have further questions or instructions, we’ll contact you by email.

Questions? Please call 800.331.0500, or dial 611 from your AT&T wireless phone.

  1. Click on Here to confirm
  2. Wait for 2-3 days for the unlock. If your iPhone is Blacklist or Under Contract, you will receive an email with the notification: You may also check the status of your request by visiting AT&T’s Device Unlock Status Portal.

In case you fail to unlock your phone, don’t be sad. Just try sending the unlock requests again and again

Update for the successful/ unsuccessful unlock:

  • Clean/Clear imei: unlocked after 3 minutes
  • You have not completed all the payments for your device according to your AT&T
  • Next service agreement: for unsuccessful tries
  • The wireless phone number you entered does not match our records
  • The account holder information you provided does not match our records
  • You haven’t fulfilled your service contract
Unlock iPhone From Rogers, Telus Carriers
  1. First, make sure your iPhone comes from the Rogers/ Telus carriers
  2. Now, visit here for Telus carrier and here for Rogers carrier (Canada)
  3. Click on Chatat the right bottom > Mobility > Billing and Customer Services