Mobile Apps Take Over the Market: Which Apps Are Dominating the Landscape?


According to GSMA’s report, The Mobile Economy 2018, over 5 billion people are already connected to mobile services. It’s only been 10 years since the first mobile app store was launched, but there are billions of apps being downloaded every year. Business of Apps estimates that there were 197 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2017 worldwide. By 2021, that figure is expected to almost double to 352 billion.

There’s no doubt that the mobile revolution is well underway. Desktops are going the way of the dinosaur, and mobile is the future. But what categories of apps are the dominant ones moving into the next decade? Here are some interesting stats about the world’s most popular app categories.


This is by far the most popular category of mobile apps. As of Q3-2018, there were 7.21 billion games downloaded on Google Play alone. One fast-emerging category seems to be the online casino, which is understandable since most countries are slowly relaxing laws governing gambling as a whole. As of 2016 gambling was already a $45 billion industry, with Australia leading the field. New research also reveals that up to 97% of funds that players invest in these sites are returned to them, making them more popular than ever.