Dear all Android gamers!

Are you looking for a solution to play Fortnite game on your unsupported Android device? If the answer is Yes, then you at the right place. I’m going to show you a simple guide to install and play Fortnite battle royal on the unsupported Android devices.

If the phone you are using is compatible with the Fortnite, then you can easily download the Fortnite installer from its official website. That said, if you deal with an error like “device not supported”, then it means that there is no official app for your Android phone, since the hardware of your device is not yet supported with this game.


Fortnite battle royal has already been released for the Samsung Galaxy and a few Android devices. So if you are using Samsung Galaxy phone or your Android phone is supported, you can then download it from Samsung Galaxy store or Fornite official website and start playing it right now.

If you are not using a Galaxy phone, here is a tweak to play Fortnite on your unsupported Android device. Simply follow these steps below to get it done.

I test Fornite game on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro and it worked perfectly. Read on to download and install Fornite on your unsupported Android device. The current version is v8.40 and I will update newer ones when they are available.

Install Fortnite On Unsupported Android Devices

Step 1: visit Fortnite official website:  to download Fortnite Installer.apk file

Step 2: Once done, install it on your Android phone and then launch it

Step 3: You will see a prompt that “Device is not supported”. Don’t worry. Just continue reading

Step 4: Open any browser and access this URL: to download Fortnite v8.40.apk file.

Update: Fornite_v9.40.0.apk

Step 5: Once you downloaded the file, uninstall the official version first and simply install it on your Android device. Remember to enable Unknown Sources section in your phone Settings.

Now, see the magic, you can now play Fortnite on your unsupported Android phone.

If you have any question, let’s know in the comment below.