Free Windows Data Recovery Up to 2GB using a Powerful Software



It’s not often that you see a data recovery software that gives you full functionality in the free version. But that’s exactly what you get with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8 for Windows. Not only does it give you full support for any type of data loss scenario, but it offers an easy and quick way for even newbie users to recover their lost data without possessing any technical expertise.


What Can This Data Recovery Software Do?


The free data recovery software from EaseUS is a powerful tool that can recover data quickly under the most demanding conditions. Whether your hard drive has been damaged or your computer has crashed after an OS installation or a virus attack, this tool can get your data back.


It can also recover data from a wide range of hardware products like digital cameras, memory card, SSD and most other storage media. The software is perfect whether you have a Windows 10 machine or a much older version like Windows XP.


How Does it Work?


After installing the utility on your desktop, make sure that the storage device is connected (if doing data recovery from an external device) and launch the program. Next, you specify the location for the subsequent scan, and initiate the scan. Once it’s done, you’ll see all the recoverable files, with an option to preview them before recovery. When you’ve made your selections, hit the Recover button and you’re all done.


It’s so simple to use that you won’t be surprised to learn that over 72 million people have downloaded this data recovery software to date. By pushing all the heavy lifting to the back end and leaving a clean interface for users to work with, EaseUS has created the perfect mix of UI, UX, and functionality with this software.


What Types of Data Can be Recovered with This Software?


Recoverable file types are constantly being added to the Data Recovery Wizard from EaseUS. Aside from the usual media and document files, it also recovers archive formats like RAR and ZIP, disk image formats like ISO and even HTML and .exe files.


The latest version (12.8) can even find the original directory location and file name for recovered data. It also comes with better preview support and faster scanning capabilities so your job is done that much faster. The new version also has more filters and more granular search options so you can look in more specific locations on your storage media.


What are the Restrictions on the Free Version?


For a new user, the 2GB limit in the free version should be enough to cover all minor data recovery requirements. If you’re just missing some photos or a couple of video clips, you won’t need to upgrade. Other than that, there are absolutely no restrictions on the free version. Of course, the Pro version gets lifetime customer support for free, but that’s usually standard with most proprietary software utilities.


The best part about the free version is that you get all the functionality of the Pro version. That means you can still recover data from nearly any storage medium connected to your PC, fully preview everything before recovery and even export your scan results or import them from another recovery session. No limitations except for the amount of data you can recover for free.


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