Android Pie 9.0 ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Android 9.0 for Galaxy Note 5

With the failure of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the most successful Samsung Galaxy Note phones in two years. However, sine 2017, the company officially stopped any Android upgrades for this phone. So, Android Nougat version is the last major system update for all Galaxy Note 5 devices. However, Note 5 users should not be sad, as there are still custom ROMs for you.  The LineageOS custom ROM 16 based on Android 9.0 version has recently been published for the Galaxy Note 5. If you are using a Galaxy Note 5 and want to experience the latest Android version on your device, then keep reading this post to install this new custom ROM.

Before proceeding, here are some things you should note first:

  • Make a backup of your data as flashing ROM will erase your phone internal storage
  • Install the latest TWRP recovery 3-2-3 on your phone to flash this ROM. You can use Odin to install the TWRP recovery
  • Keep your phone battery at least 50% for the process


Since the Rom is currently in the beta stage, so you should consider carefully before installing it as there might be some bugs for the daily use.

Working Features
1- Wi-Fi
2- Data
3- Videos
4- SMS
5- SystemUI fantastic colors and theme
6- General functionality

The Others

Bugs / Not working
1- Camera
2- Bluetooth
3- Hotspot
4- Advance setting partially not working
5- Other kernel related things

Tested Devices:

  • Galaxy Note 5: S-K-L
  • Galaxy S6 Edge: S-K-L

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Hot Fix v1.0:

Gapps 9.0:!SolTXaQT!g2sk1E94cXekNGeMda-WNSehpHC7_f3NTHBuOAURilU


Titanium Backup: