5 Game Changing Trends in Social Media Marketing in 2018


It seems like social media marketing trends change every year. Whether it’s a new social media platform or just the launch of new features, social media platforms are constantly innovating to keep users interested and satisfied. Social media is continuously growing and more than individual users, business owners are aiming to capitalize more on it and use its various platforms to their advantage. But before you finalize your social media strategy for the coming year, it’s important to look at 5 game-changing trends in Social Media Marketing in 2018 to ensure that you’re allocating your time and efforts appropriately. Keep reading to find out what these trends mean for your small business and how you can leverage them:

Live Streaming

While Facebook Live and other live streaming have been around for a while now, the way people and brands are going to use them is changing. In present, Live streaming is more than just a feature, it’s social media’s next best thing when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. It creates a direct link between you and your audience that uploaded videos just can’t replicate. It has also brought a change in the world of iGaming as different games like Gambino slots and various free slots games too are citing Live videos while covering pertinent events. It also allows small businesses to engage with fans and followers live as they react to the content, ask questions, and post comments in real time.

Instagram Stories

One of the latest fads in the social media world is Instagram Stories. With its huge audience, it should come as no surprise that within the first year of the Instagram story debut, it has surpassed Snapchat’s view count with 20 million views a day. One of the biggest brand benefits of Instagram stories is that they are discoverable, meaning that Instagram users can see your stories even if they are not your followers.

Rise of Augmented Reality

While augmented reality will have its initial